Music Therapy Source School Guide - 4th Edition (2023)

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Embark on a Harmonious Journey with the Music Therapy Source School Guide - 4th Edition (2023)

Have you ever felt the magic of music? The way it can touch hearts, lift spirits, and even heal? If you're drawn to the power of music and its potential to make a difference, the field of music therapy might be your perfect melody!

Welcome to the 4th Edition of the Music Therapy Source School Guide

We've crafted this guide with love and care, especially for individuals like you who are intrigued by the field of music therapy and are considering it as a career path.

What's Inside the Guide?

The Music Therapy Source School Guide is a treasure chest filled with valuable insights:

  • A warm introduction to the journey of becoming a music therapist, complete with insights about the profession and practical preparation tips.
  • A detailed directory of 90 colleges and universities offering music therapy degrees in 2023.
  • In-depth information about each institution, helping you understand your options.
  • A wealth of advice on how to choose the right program for you, based on your unique dreams and aspirations.

Why Choose Our Guide?

This guide is more than just a collection of information; it's a heartfelt creation from someone who lives and breathes music therapy every day. As a music therapist, I've experienced the joy of using music to help people and make a real difference in their lives. And now, I want to share that joy with you.

Join Us!

Whether you're a high school student pondering your future, a college student seeking a fulfilling career path, or a parent guiding your child towards a meaningful career, this guide is for you.

Start your journey in the field of music therapy today with the Music Therapy Source School Guide.

Hear From Our Happy Readers:

Our guide has touched the lives of many:

  • "Music Therapy Source School Guide is a huge treasure for a small price...Our family recommends Music Therapy Source School Guide, a thoroughly prepared and beautifully communicated resource..." - Dee F, California, Mom of Future Music Therapy Student
  • "I bought and read your School Guide and really enjoyed it. It was nice to have all the information right in front of me instead of digging through all sorts of stuff. Thanks for writing it!" - Devin, Future Music Therapy Student
  • "I know that Music Therapy is what I want to do not only work-wise but also invest in...Thanks again for reaching out and providing such a great, handy resource. I know it saved me a TON of time." - Michelle M, Hawaii, Future Music Therapy Student
  • "I've been using your site for years...since high school! Thanks for the help!" - Fred R., Board Certified Music Therapist, Graduate Student

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Music Therapy Source School Guide - 4th Edition (2023)

2 ratings
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